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“ Committed to providing uncompromising
service to the most exacting customers ”

Welcome to Central Bernard’s website. During your visit, you will learn about the history behind our company's success, discover the values that inspire us, and the quality products we bring to market  that have established Central Bernard as an industry leader in North-America. Founded in 1962, Central Bernard's success is built on three fundamental principles:


A customer-driven family business

Central Bernard is committed to providing uncompromising service to the most exacting customers. We believe in building long-term customer relationships based on our ability to process and supply the highest quality, value-added poultry products in a profitable and cost efficient manner. Being customer driven affords us the flexibility to meet the individual and changing needs of our clients.

As a custom processor of poultry products, Central Bernard has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art processing plant capable of servicing, promptly and efficiently, major supermarket chains in Canada with single or multi-pack poultry cuts, value-added products as well as private label brands.


A trusted source of quality poultry products, Central Bernard's HACCP and SQF accredited processing plant offers a temperature-controlled environment ideally suited for the safe manipulation of poultry products.
  • Our facility houses a full time inspector from the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and meets or exceeds all food safety protocols and standards. Third-party audits performed by our main customers continue to regularly confirm the quality of our plant's environment.
  • HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) is a system in which food safety is addressed through the identification and management of risks and hazards known as CCPs (Critical Control Points) throughout our processes. SQF (Safe Quality Food) is a recognized total quality management system under the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) umbrella that is used to apply and maintain quality standards throughout the entire supply chain.


At Central Bernard we find and provide solutions to meet our customers' needs and will go to great lengths to satisfy all special requests.


A state-of-the-art added-value processing facility
Opened in 2003, Central Bernard's 50,000 sq. ft federally inspected facility is both HACCP and SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified. It’s designed to efficiently process over 60,000 kilograms of tray packed product in a single shift. Incorporating the latest technology and leveraging the skills of our highly trained professionals has been the winning formula that has allowed Central Bernard to experience such rapid growth.

Central Bernard offers a wide selection of fresh chicken in a variety of cuts. Packed in bulk or in counter ready tray format, all cuts are processed in a temperature controlled environment that respects all HACCP and SQF food safety guidelines.


Our customers are our partners

Central Bernard supplies most major retail food chains in Eastern Canada with superior quality chicken cuts and value-added private-label products. The company strives to provide all its customers with the highest quality at the best possible price and has built its reputation on uncompromising and personalized customer service.


A team of highly skilled professionals
All members of our team have made the «chicken business" their business. Each team member is extensively trained with an emphasis on food safety, therefore bringing added value to their work and ensuring the highest of quality standards.


Central Bernard's management team alone has over 150 years of meat and poultry related experience. Our empowered team is expected to actively participate in many aspects of our business in order to meet or exceed the needs of our customers.


With a focus on retail chain production, our experienced team prides itself on its ability to continuously produce the quality products that Central Bernard's reputation has been built on. We combine the best of both worlds, using the latest equipment and processing techniques while maintaining the human component throughout our process.

“Our people take great pride in the work they do and in our ability to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Committed towards protecting the environment

Committed towards protecting the environment

Central Bernard operates its processing plant in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and is continuously striving to improve its processes to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. This is achieved through the integration within our production facility of water and energy saving equipment, high performance waste management techniques and the progressive elimination of CFC usage. Our willingness to reduce the carbon footprint of our facility has led us to invest heavily in a heat recovery system that recuperates the energy generated by the compressors of our refrigeration equipment to heat the water that is used to wash-down the plant on a daily basis.
We also offer our customers the option of converting to biodegradable tray packaging to further reduce the environmental impact of their products and comply with governmental policies and guidelines concerning the efficient use of resources.


Tel. : 514-780-8585
Toll-free : 1-877-956-9696
Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information on our products and services.


Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information on our products and services.